• Durankulak Lake, NE Bulgaria

    Durankulak Lake

    NE Bulgaria

    Homes made for birders.
  • Pripyat River, Belarus, without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Pripyat River, Belarus

    without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Homes made for birders.
  • Gamboa sunset, Panama

    Gamboa sunset


    Homes made for birders.
  • Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen, the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen

    the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Homes made for birders.
  • Madre de Dios River, Peru

    Madre de Dios River


    Homes made for birders.
  • Autumn at Lake Kerkini, Greece

    Autumn at Lake Kerkini


    Homes made for birders.

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Bed and Birding is a franchise company that licenses partners to use its branded identity and materials to market their services to birders. The company undertakes assessments of potential partners, provides training and know-how where necessary, maintains a corporate web site where all the partners are featured, and assists. At the same time, we provide a service to potential clients of the network, helping them to select locations (where they want to see particular birds or develop a national or cross-border itinerary) and make bookings with our partners. Clients know that staying in a Bed & Birding partner will assure them of their birding needs.

Not only would your lodge be linked within an organisation of like-minded partners, but there are also strong commercial reasons for joining us. These include independently verified standards, and high-profile publicity for your accommodation. Your lodge will be listed in our web site with a direct link to your site and you will be able to update your own information and photographs.

For further information, please write to us at inquiry@bedandbirding.com

A warm welcome to you!

We are looking forward to receiving your application to join the Bed and Birding network, and provide another Home Made for Birders!

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