• Pripyat River, Belarus, without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Pripyat River, Belarus

    without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Homes made for birders.
  • Durankulak Lake, NE Bulgaria

    Durankulak Lake

    NE Bulgaria

    Homes made for birders.
  • Gamboa sunset, Panama

    Gamboa sunset


    Homes made for birders.
  • Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen, the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen

    the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Homes made for birders.
  • Autumn at Lake Kerkini, Greece

    Autumn at Lake Kerkini


    Homes made for birders.
  • Madre de Dios River, Peru

    Madre de Dios River


    Homes made for birders.


Date: 08-10-2015

Our rules count

Written by: Paul Goriup, regarding partner: Complex Perpera

We regret to announce that, following a complaint from a client, The Wild Farm in Bulgaria is no longer a member of the Bed & Birding partnership. Our attempts to rectify the issue were unsuccessful and we were especially concerned that other Bed and Birding partners in Bulgaria suffered because bookings were cancelled by the same client as a result. It was not an easy decision to take, but we believe the strength and growth of the partnership depends on ensuring that our rules count.