• Durankulak Lake, NE Bulgaria

    Durankulak Lake

    NE Bulgaria

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  • Gamboa sunset, Panama

    Gamboa sunset


    Homes made for birders.
  • Pripyat River, Belarus, without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Pripyat River, Belarus

    without doubt the Amazon of Europe

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  • Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen, the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen

    the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

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  • Autumn at Lake Kerkini, Greece

    Autumn at Lake Kerkini


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  • Madre de Dios River, Peru

    Madre de Dios River


    Homes made for birders.


Date: 01-11-2015

B&B Partner hosts exotic visitor!

Written by: Paul Goriup, regarding partner: Branta Birding Lodge

On October 18, during a routine bird survey around Lake Durankulak (just 300 m from Branta Birding Lodge – www.birdinglodge.com), Pavel Simeonov was stunned to discover an adult Pallas’s Leaf Warbler (Phylloscopus proregulus) foraging in a patch of woodland at the western end of the lake. Not only did it he have great views of this south Siberian vagrant, it also afforded him a rare opportunity to take some excellent photos. These delightful little warblers occur sporadically in Western Europe after strong autumnal easterly winds blow them off-course, and this was no exception: the bird appeared after an extended period of stormy weather from the east. As far as we know, this is only the third record of the species in Bulgaria.

Amazingly, on 7 October 2015 another Pallas’s Leaf Warbler was caught at the Chituc Ringing Camp in Romania (just 10 days before this sighting), about 130 km north of Durankulak, and several others were reported from the UK on 17 and 18 October as well.